about me


I've been a Full-Time, Professional Magician since 2003 and I consider myself very lucky, that I have the opportunity to do a job I love. This hasn't always been the case, I started my working career back in 1996, training to be a mechanic with Mercedes-Benz. After successfully completing an apprenticeship, I celebrated by taking a trip to America, where I found the bright lights of Las Vegas, and a little magic shop in a mall. It was here where I was first subjected to the power of close-up magic. This changed my life forever. I blew the dust off my Paul Daniels Magic Set, bought as many books as I could (this was waaaay before YouTube!) and dedicated every bit of spare time I had, to learning more and more about the art of magic, and reviving the passionate 5 year old who had been long since forgotten. After years of dedication, and a lot of practise, I was honoured to be accepted into the most prestigious magical society in the world, The Magic Circle at my first attempt by strict examination. I can now proudly say, that after 10 years, I have been promoted to the Associate of The Inner Magic Circle with Silver Star, without examination and by a unanimous vote by council. YAY!

I have since performed for HRH - Anne Princess Royal, The Prime Minister - David Cameron, and Sir Richard Branson, to name but a few, as well as at numerous awards ceremonies, including The Royal Variety Show After Party, and The Brit Awards, AND I have been asked to advise on west-end stage shows and TV productions, so stop reading and watch my showreel or go straight to my contact form to see if I'm free :)


I have performed at over 300 weddings, heard 200 best-man speeches, been to around 100 mansions & vanished many rings!


I have performed at over 800 corporate events & listened to
400 speeches, including one by David Cameron.


I have consulted on TV shows & WestEnd Stage Shows, & can supply grand illusions, like making people appear from fire!


I am a member of the most famous magical society in the world, The Magic Circle


Browse various pictures taken from recent events..

Special thanks to all of the amazing photographers who were there to capture all of these moments of magic, including Pippa Mackenzie, Richard Washbrooke, and Andy Tyler.


Important people saying things..

Anne, Princess Royal

"I could hear from the applause and laughter that everybody was having an amazing time, thank you so much for attending and making the day extra special."

Muhammad Ali

"He knew I was thinking of the King of Clubs!"

Gary Barlow

"Wow, you really are very good at this, you've got to come and show the rest of the boys."

Sir Richard Branson

"Well, you've certainly made an impact, perhaps I should employ you??"

Denise Van Outen

"I'm speechless, and it takes a lot to impress me!"

Louis Walsh

"What the f***, Oh my god, I'm sorry but what was that?!"

Sir Tim Berners-Lee

"You have a talent!"

Carol Vorderman

"You've made me feel very stupid indeed"